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Wedding in the wilderness

we are guests of the cave man

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After the Cango Caves , I had look at the [b ] Cango Zoo [/ b] in Oudtshoorn yet . Normaly zoos are not my thing, but here should be something special . Straight from the start - it's nothing special. For hefty extra [b ] charge [/ b] you can cuddle with various animals. The only ones that would have interested me were the two small [b ] Bengal Tigers [/ b] , but they were only 4 weeks old and too young for the public.

The admission price a guided [b ] tour [/ b] is included . The Guide makes every effort it [b ] exciting [/ b] to make, but the [ b] crocodiles [/ b] to persuade only with difficulty to a few art pieces.

This [b ] Leopard [/ b] was in extremely bad mood.

I've had enough of mountains and semi-desert and ride the last stretch to the coast , the [ b] Garden Route [/ b] . Lots of green, lots of woods . A a place called [b ] Wilderness [/ b] again one of those places where I could stay for months. [b ] Fairy Knowles [/ b], hostel with camping. At the bar I meet [b ] Nina [/ b] . First, she gives me her [b ] malaria pills [ / b] because she does not need them where she's going . I save a lot of money , because these things are really expensive. With the 2nd Beer she tells me that tomorrow she's going to get [b ] married [/ b] and if I do want to come. Sure !
" Where does the ceremony take place? " I ask.
She asks if I've heard of the [b ] Caveman [/ b]. I have not. Who or what that is she does not want to reveal. I will have to go myself and find out. The wedding ceremony takes place there at the cave. Sounds [b ] exciting [/ b] .

The next day[b ] Shannon [/ b ] (the groom) drives all of us to a parking lot on the beach. From there, you go on foot. Along an obviously shutdown [b ] railway [/ b] along the sea . After a few minutes we come to the reason for the [b ] closure [/ b] . The hillside has slipped and has covered parts of the track. Apparently no one wanted to clear away the stones , and thus the railway stiopped operating altogether.
Finally, it goes through a dark cold [b ] railway tunnel [/ b] and then suddenly I 'm in fairyland . Lightly blinking I try to understand what I just see there . First, to the left a wonderful view of the [b ] bay [/ b] and the waves .

Straight on the old railway line over a bridge and a river to the opposite slope .

The most amazing thing is that next to the tunnel is a huge entrance to a natural cave. 20m high , 30m wide.

The entrance looks more like [b ] fairy tale palace [/ b] than a cave .

Thousands of [b ] shells [/ b] tied to fishing lines to mobiles hanging everywhere. Large [b ] driftwood pieces [/ b] are intricately connected to furniture and partitions. This is it , the mysterious cave of the [b ] Caveman [/ b]

Later I learn that this is used to be a luxury restaurant until the trains stopped coming, and no more guests arrived . At the old station is a small [b ] platform [ / b] of the two ladies with flowers and shells [b ] decorated [/ b] is . About a dozen folding chairs are set up , plus a buffet. Aha, this seems to be the stage for the [ b] wedding [/ b] . The Caveman I have not yet seen.

As it is still some time until the ceremony starts , I take a tour of the interior cave, led by one of the girls. It seems to me like a huge [b ] dollhouse [/ b] . In semi-darkness only lit by candles it is hard to see many details, but what strikes me is that it's spotlessly clean, tidy and nowhere musty smells . All beds are made nowhere garbage or clutter. Everything has its place , though for many things that I do not know what their purpose mitght be. In addition to several bedrooms there is a kitchen, a meditation room and a library. After a few minutes I have completely lost my way in this maze . My tour guide tells me the history of the cave .

Here is a [b ] Summary [/ b] : The Caveman heard the voice of the Father seven years ago. "Search for a blessed place ." He wandered and found this cave that was occupied at that time of bums and full of trash . He has the bums thrown out , cleaned up and decorated and stubbornly insists the right to stay with the authorities over the years . They have even laid a water line to the place. Dropouts and stranded in the society find refuge and shelter here. He lives on donations and what the sea gives him. In the near area he is a celebrity .

But presumably , this attraction is not in the Lonely Planet , otherwise buses would be rolling in here . I am very impressed with what he has built. Later I meet him , Clifford, the cave man . I tell him then . He starts a sermon at a high singsong . Oha ! Now it is getting too religious. Every second sentence begins with " .. and then Father said to me ... " I put him in the category " harmless cranks" and the girls and guys who he gathers around him are his disciples . At the moment there are 2 male residents living in the cave. [b ] Samuel [/ b] , quasi his right hand , and another whose function I do not know .

Samuel has the honor to perform the ceremony today. It's his first one here , otherwise this is done by the boss himself. He tries to make solemnly and formally .

The [b ] bride and groom [/ b] are quite loose in the matter . As the whole thing drags along on because Samul can hardly read his notes without his glasses Shannon asks: "How about a smoke break?"

In the end Samuel manages to take the [b ] vows [/ b] of the couple. Clifford felt called to critizise the performance of his deputy in another [b ] speech . Until then, it was funny , Clifford's presentation is more cringe worthy . The Champagne is ready in the cooler - they seem to have every luxury here - and we drink on the newlyweds . Almost like a "real" wedding.

Of course, with obbligatory [b ] group photo [ / b] . The Caveman is the one with the [ b] victory sign [/ b ] on the photo top left.

Then it gets dark and starts to rain . We planned to continue celebrating in the cave, but suddenly the mood changes . A few packs [b ] cigarettes [/ b] are gone. Clifford is beside himself . [b ] Theft [/ b] in his fairy kingdom - that should not be. We choose to leave cause the [b ] House Blessing [/ b] is crooked and the boss will not let the matter of the "theft" go. The problems in the big world out there and in the small cave kingdom are quite similar in the end .

The [b ] canoe tour [/ b] I'm doing the next day with the newlyweds belongs again to the tourist - standard program.

At the end a short hike through dense forest in the [b ] Wilderness National Park [/ b] .

As we arrive 2 pretty little [b ] Waterfalls [/ b] with a swimming pool.

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